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    • Advice Team Advice Team ACASC’s professional advice team is a group of well-trained personnel’s that are fully trained to assist international students from around the globe from the beginning of their application process till they comfortably settle in China and afterward. Learn More
    • Four Steps To Complete your Application Four Steps To Complete your Application We have simplified the admission process by dividing it into four steps. They are Pre-application, Application, Post-application, and Transition. Learn More
    • Choosing What and Where to Study Choosing What and Where to Study Apply to more than 400 universities and colleges in China through ACASC. We provide you with the best service ever. Learn More
    Make your online Admission Application Throngh ACASC.
    We Offer Your The Best Services From The Beginning Of Your Application To The End.
    Hebei North University
    Nanchang University
    Shenyang Medical Colleg
    Apply To More Than 400 Universities And Colleges In
    China With Just One Application.
    From The Genesis Of Your Application To The End
    What is Medicine program? What are the branches of medicine? Why study medicine in China? Why study medicine in China?
    Learn more
    What is Engineering? Why study Engineering in China? Benefits of studying Engineering in China? China has developed rapidly in science and technology...
    Learn more
    Business Management
    What is Business Management? Why Study Business Management in China? What are the Benefits of Studying Business Management in China?
    Learn more
    Chinese Language
    Mandarin, the most popular Chinese language has a history dating back to over 3 000 years. Chinese universities and colleges offer Chinese language programs to international students.
    Learn more
    Study in Shanghai Study in China Shanghai?>
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    Tue. Mar.27
    2018 Spring Talents Career Fair and High-end Talent Fair Successfully Held in Beijing On March 24th, the Overseas Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education held the “2018 Spring Talents Recruitment Conference and High-end Talent Fair” at Beijing Liangmahe Building Convention Center. The brand's job fair has been held for 12 consecu
    Mon. Dec.04
    Life In China China attracts over one hundred thousand foreigners every year, and these foreigners come in china for each one their own reasons. China however has even opportunity to people with talents all over the world to join and upgrade their talents in china. Thi
    Thu. Mar.08
    2017 HBNU & ACASC East African GALA The Hebei North University East African Gala is the end of the year gathering of the East African students at Hebei North University.
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